Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hazrat Syed Shamsuddin Makki Shaheed

Hazrat Shamsuddin Shahid Raziyallah tala anhu was the Emperor of Makkah al-Mukarramah, the Holiest Place of muslims where the Ka’abatullah shariff is located, during the time when Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shahid was ruling madinah and started towards India.Hazrat Shamsuddin shaheed was one among the few who renounced their empire and their throne fro the sake of Islam. Hazrat Shamsuddeen Shahed Radiyallah Ta’ala anhu gave up the throne of Makkah to join Hazrat Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed to travel to South Asia to spread Islam. During His regime, people were very much calm and quiet performing the rituals of Hajj and the Empire Shamsudhdheen Shaheedh was fully involved in the service of Allah’s home. Though Hazrat Shamsuddeen was very much comfortable with the throne, his mind was fully sorrounded by the thoughts of spreading Islam.So, when Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed wrote letter about His travel to India Hazrat Shamsuddeen shaheedh whole heartedly accepted the offer and joined the group of Shahid Badushah with large number of His troop.During the voyage Hazrat Shamsuddheen Shahid was fully along with Sahid badusha helping Him all the way. After reaching India and during the course of war between the Arabs and Pandiyans Hazrat Shamsuddeen Shahid’s role was very vital. Being a King, Hazrat Shamsuddeen Shaheed helped Badhushaah Nayagam a lot in strategising the course of the war. His suggestions worked many a time which finally gave victory to the Shaheed badhusha’s troop. To be a true martyr as per his willingness, Allah blessed Hazrat Shamsuddin Shahid with Shahaadat. Hazrat Shamsuddeen shahid was also killed by the Pandiya’s in war and was funered very closely to the right side of Basha nayagam. As per Hazarat Shamsuddeen’s order through dream, His holy grave is kept open to Sun light and rain to fall on it. The Holy grave of hazrat Shamsuddin shaheed is found adjacent on the left side of the Northen end of the main dargha and close to the Dargha shariff of His neighbours Hazrat Syed Qamaruddin Shaheedh Raliyallahu Taala anhu and Syed Nooruddin Shahidh Raliyallahutaalaanhu who also came along with Shaamsuddeen Shaheed and Baasha Naayagam Radiyallah tala anhum and attained Martyrdom in the war with pandiyas.

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