Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hazrat Syed Zainul Aabideen Shaheed

Hazrat Syed Zainul aabideen Shahid is the Brother in law of Hazrat Qutb Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed, the emperor. Zainul Aabideen shaheed was a stubborn supporter of Hazrat Qutb Sultan Syed Ibraheem Shahid during His voyage and His war with pandiyas.He is the brother of Seyyida Zainab @ Syed Ali Fatima Raliyallah ta’ala anhaa and uncle of the Prince hazrat Qutb Syed Abutahir madani Shahid Radiyallah ta’la anhu. Bbadhusha Naayagam was very much comfortable during the war because of the presence of His brother in law Hazrat Zainul Aabideen Shaheedh who withstanding the oppose from the enemies used different war tacticts and gave useful suggestions regarding the war plan that fortified Shaheed badusha after the passing away of His holy son Syed Aboothair Shaheedh. The relationship between Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheedh and Hazrat Zainul Aabidheen Shaheed was very much colsely bonded. people who knew the history of Erwadi war will give the example of Shaheed badusha and Zainul Aabidheen shaheedh if two Brothers in law are closely associated. Hazrat Zainul Aabidheen was also killed in the war finally and attained martyrdom which was the final desire of everyone who travelled with Badusha nayagam. He was funered very closely to Janaab Shaheedh, and His Holy grave is found to the right of the Holy Grave of Shaheedh Badusha Nayagam in Erwadi Dargha main campus.

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