Sunday, March 25, 2018

Mujavir Muhammad Ibrahim @ Nalla Ibrahim Waliyullah

Mujavir Muhammadh Ibrahim Waliyullah who is very well known as Mujavir Nalla Ibrahim waliyullah is the hereditary grand son of Badusha Sulthan syed ibrahim Shaheedh. He was the son of Seyyidina Mursal Ibrahim Shaheed whose grave is found in Thachu oorani on the way to Erwadi from Keelakarai. Descendants of Badusha Shaheedh nayagam were ruling the Bouthiramanikapattinam (Now Ervadi) province for generations together accordiing to the peace treaty. A few centuries later again when they felt the odour of Islam is slowly vanishing from the tamil soil, they decided to leave the throne and begin the Islamic campaign as their ancestor Badusha Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed did. They slowly started moving form one place to another in spreading Islam and bringing people in the daily duties of Islam. Badhusha Syed Ibrahim’s grave is found in Melakkal kanavai in Madurai district and his grandson Mursal Ibrahim Shaheedh’s in the Ramanathapuram District as mentioned above.

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