Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sethupathy’s child and 6666 acres of land

After Mujavir Mohamed Ibrahim nalla Ibrahim bava settled in Erwadi, lot of pilgrims started thronging Ervadi shariff. The karaamaat of Qutb Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Sahid was getting reached to people from various parts of India and people who came with different wishes to Erwadi saw it answered with the duaa of Shaheed nayagam. During the period of Nalla Ibrahim waliyullah the Ramnad province (called as Sethu Empire) was ruled by King Regunatha Sethupathy, who like the other sethupathy raja’s had a close association with the Arabs (descendants of badhusha Nayagam) who ruled Bavithiramanickapattanam province. Sethupathy was longing for an offspring. Hearing about the miracles happening at Earvaadi dargha, the king along with his close associates visited the Holy Erwadi Dharga. Qutb Nala Ibrahim Waiyullah who was seated at Aerwadi received the king with greater enthusiasm and made him to stay there. Daily in the day on night Nalla Ibrahim bava offered oil from the lamp placed in the Ervadi dargah and some water taken from the pond near dargah and kept in the Rouza (Grave) of Syed ibraheem shahid raziyallah. With the grace of Allah and Dhuaa of Shaheed badhusha the Queen got conceived and nursed male baby. The king was taken to the extreme of joy for the birth of Prince else his Empire would go into the hands of others. As a token of thanks and gratitude, the king donated 6666 Acres of land (from Ithampadal to Thachan oorani) as Inam to Ervadi dargah. A portion of it is still maintained by the Dargha Huqdar Management Committee of Erwadi Dhargah.

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