Sunday, March 25, 2018

Wife refusing to come – A miracle of Badhusha Nayagam

Following the order given by Hazrath Sulthan Syed Ibrahim shaheedh to leave Kiliyoor and stay at Ervaadi to serve pilgrims, Mujavir Nallla Ibraheem bava planned to start from Kiliyur with family. But his wife was reluctant to join with Naalla Ibrahim for Her love towards the current village Kiliyur. Baadusha nayagam was a bit anger towards this attitude of his granddaughter and offered a different miracle to happen in the heirs of Mujavir Nalla Ibrahim and his spouse till Qiyamah. A few children will be born with reddish skin and golden hair to look as if like an English. Erwaadi, being an arid place people are fully black and it’s even very rare to see folks with yellowish complexion. But till today in one can see people with British complexion in Erwadi who are fom the heirs of Nalla Ibrahim Waliyullah radiyallah ta’ala anhu happening because of the miracle of Shahid badusha. Shocked to hear this, Nalla Ibrahim waliyullah’s wife accepted and joined with her husband to aervadi and served the people who came for Zi’arat. Had she not refused the first invitation, could have avoided her children with British complexion. But anyhow still this stands as an evidence to the powers of Suthan Syed Ibrahim Shahid.

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