Sunday, March 25, 2018

Seyyida Rabi’aa Amma

Seyyidha Rabiaa radiyallah tala anha is the sister of Qutb Sulthan Syed Ibraheem shahid and daughter of hazrat badhusha Syed Ahmad Radiyallah ta’ala anhu who came along with Him all the way from Madinah. Raabiyaa amma was pregnent while Her brother Sulthan Syed Ebraaheem started to India leaving the throne of Madinah. So, all the memebers of the family advices Rabiya amma not to start to Madinah. But Hazrat Seyyida Raabi’aa strictly refused to stay in Madhinaa and started along with Her Holy brother Hazrat Sultan Syed Ebrahim shaheed, with her new born infant. So, Rabiaa amma is also called as Jachchca Bibi Amma by Urdu speaking people. The dharga of Raabi’ya Amma is located at the extreme eastern end of Ervadi main dhargha campus. People entering Dhurgha campus from the eastern entrance can find the Durgha of Rabiya amma nearby. Its one the oldest Dhurga in Ervadi shariff. Gents are not allowed inside the dhargah and Females are allowed to stay. people affected from mental and magical illness throng the dargah in large numbers and find them cured mostly within 40 nights.

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