Sunday, March 25, 2018

Seyyida Zainab @ Syed Ali Fathima Amma

Seyyida Zainab Raziyallah ta’ala anhaa is the wife of Qutb Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed, and the Holy mother of Qutb Syed Aboothaahir madni shaheed radiyallah ta’ala anhu. Shaheed badhusha married Seyyida Zainab (Syed Ali Fathima) since she was from a very glorious and God fearing family in Madinah. right from the childhood days Seyyida Zainab was very much God fearing, she was ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of Allah. She gave birth to two children Badhusha Syed Aboothahir and Hazrat Seyyidina Zainul Aabideen Radiyallah ta’ala anhuma with the marriage of badusha naayagam. She brought up Her children in the same way of love towards Islam as their parents and forefathers were. When Qutb Syed Ebraahim shaheed started for India, the two children were just becoming youth, but still their Taqwa thought by their Holy mother SSeyyida Zainab @ Syed Ali Fatima made them to support. Zainab Syed Ali Fathima also insisted their child the importance of supporting their Holy father in spreading Islam. So, Zainab Syed Ali Fathima Amma’s children also travelled with enthusiasam and reached India.In the war with pandiyas, Syed Aboothahir Shaheed was martyred, and when the Holy body of Qutb Aboothahir madhni was brought before Seyyida Zainab, she was shocked to see more than 72 cuts of arrows in the face of His son who is just 17 years old for no sake but for the sake of Allah. Since Her son lost His life in this world and the atrocities which He faced was only for the sake of Allah, Zainab raliyallah taala anhaa was very much patient as Her Grand mother Zaynab bint Ali was patient looking at the atrocities of Karbala. This is the best ever Amal. 17 years old Son being killed by enemies before the eyes of a mother for no sake but Islam, this is the most likely deeed towards Allah. But still, when pandiyas were defeated and Badhusha nayagam Hazrat Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed raziyallah ta’ala anhu captured teh throne, Zainab Syed ‘Ali fathima amma was given the throne as Empress. Nothing to live in this world after the Shahadat of Qutb Abutahir, Zainab Syed A’li fatima amma refused to accept the throne, but still was made to do so accepting it as the fate of Allah. Zainab Syed Alee fathimaa amma was teh empress of Bouthiramanickapattinam province for more than 12 years. She attained wafat and was funered very close to the grave of her husband Hazrat Sulthaan Syed Ibraaheem Shahidh Rali.. Zainab Syed ‘Alee faathimaa ammaas Dhurgha can be found as the second from the western entrance of Erwadi amin dargha. Thousands of pilgrims daily and lakhs during festival time visit the Holy grave of Zainab Syed A’lee fathimah radiyallah tala anhaa for all their wishes coming true with holy waseela. Unmarried girls, Childless women and ladies with fatal illness who are brought to the Holy Grave of Zainab Syed Ali fatimah amma and found to get their wishes answered in a very short time.

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