Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Peace

Later King Tiru pandiyan, came from madurai with a larger troop and assassinated Shaheed badusha to re capture the thrown after 12 years. Then again badusha Syed Is’haq (Shaheed badhusha’s brother Syed Ismail badusha’s son) killed king Thiru pandiyan and captured thrown. Now the rivalry between the Arabs and pandiyas came to and end when both signed a pact, stating Arabs (Descendants of Shaheed Badusha) to rule the Bouthiramanikka pattinam (Ervadi) Province and the pandiyas to rule Ramanathapuram province. This was under implementation till the 17th century before English East India Company started occupying India. Hazrat Syed Is’haq, Syed Ibrahim, Syed Baqir, Syed Qasim, Syed Tahir Ridwanullahi Ta’ala alaihim ajmaeen and other descendants of Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed have ruled the Bouthiramanikkapattinam province and Regunatha Sethupathy, Kilavan (Kizhavan) Sethupathy, Vijaya Regunatha Sethupathy, Muthu Regunatha Sethupathi, Kumaran Sethupathi and other Descendants of Sethupathi have ruled the Ramanathapuram province.

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