Sunday, March 25, 2018

The War

Hazrat Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed, offered the islamic teachings to the Pandiya ruler Thiru Pandiyan in Madurai who refused to accept and waged a war. Finally the troops of Hazrat Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed won and Sultan Iskandar (Sikandar) Badusha was throned in madurai. Then the troops of Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed went ahead towards Bouthramanickapattinam. Shahidh badusha offered Islam to the king Vikkirama Pandiyan who very strictly refused and asked to leave the kingdom. Shaheed refused to leave without turning them muslims. Vickrama pandiyan started war. A very vigorous war which took about 10 sessions each of around 3–4 days held. All of the family members of Shaheed Badhusah including his only lovable son Syed Abutahir, Brother Syed Ismail, Brother in Law Zainul Aabideen and many of the martyrs and ministers of Shaheedh badhusha like Amir Abbas of Rome, Abdul Qadir Mujahid, Muhaiyaddeen, Aboobakkar Abdul Hakkim, Abdullah, Shamsuddin of Makkah, Qamaruddin, Nooruddeen, Muhammadh Yusuf, Jafar Sadiq, Rome Syed Ahmad, Zulfaqar Ali @ Chanthana Peer of Turkey, Abdul Qadir Gilani, Abdul Qadir Samadaani, Pathan Sahib, Hamza basheer, Uvaisul Hasan Ridwanullahi Ta’ala alaihim ajmaeen and few more thousands were killed. Finally, king Vickrama pandiyan was killed and Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Badusha won the war and captured the throne of Bouthiramanickapatttinam.

He ruled the province for 12 years and spread islam all over south tamilnadu. He too wished to be a martyr and told about that to Rasulullah who promised it.

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