Sunday, March 25, 2018

Abdul Qadir Mujahid Shahid and Gazanfar Muhaiddin Shaheed

These two Shaheeds are important ministers in the troop of Hazrat Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Badusha Raziyallah Tala anhu. They played a very vital role in the war between the pandiyas and the Arabs and killed a few hundreds of pandiyas. The second important minister from Shaheed Badhushaa’s troop to be killed in the war was Abdul Qadir Shahid raziyallah Ta’ala anhu. He fought against the enemies even when his abdomen was teared and all its content was out. That fetched him a respect to him in the war and after his death. Later Muhaidden shaheed stood with Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shahhed for a long time and he too attained martyrdom. These two shuhadaas’ Qabr are found close to each other. They play a very main roll in Erwadi durgah becoming a curing hub for supernatural diseases and diseases caused by magic, Devils and mental disorder caused due to it. Hence these two shuhadaas are called as Kanakkedukkum Manthirigal. It means that Ministers who take care of curing magical and devilish diseases. People who come to Ervadi dargah with the above complaints, write a ready written petition kept in the dargah and offer it to the Mujavir.

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