Sunday, March 25, 2018

Aboobakkar Abdul Hakim Doctor Shahid

Aboobakkar Abdul Hakeem Doctor Shaheed is popularly known as Hakkeem Doctor Shaheed. He is the chief of the team of physicians for Hazrat Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed badusha’s troop which consisted Syed Ahmad Doctor Raziyallah Ta’ala anhu from Rome, Yusuf Doctor Shaheed and Gailani Doctor Shaheed. Ta’ala anhu. Though a physician by profession, Hazrat hakkim doctor was very strong in and brave to fight against the enemies of Islam. He was also killed in the battle of Bouthiramanickapattinam. Hazrat Hakkem doctor raziyallah Ta’ala anhu has exhibited many karaamaat (Miracles) after his shahaadat. A young lady by name Khatija from Malappuram district of kerala who was suffering from brain tumor was left hopeless by the doctors since the surgery is risky and may lead to death. Frustrated to live, she came with an intention to spend her rest part of life in Ervadi dargah and stayed in Hakkem doctor Durgha. The 40th night, she had a dream in which Abubakkar Hakkim Doctor Shaheed appeared and performed a surgery on her brain. Morning when she woke up, she could see her head dressed with medications and some blood stains on it. Thousands of people gathered to see this miracle and it was published in the state level Tamil Daily News paper and seeing this thousands of more diseased people started thronging Erwadi, Hakkeem Doctor Durgah.

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