Sunday, March 25, 2018

Syed Ismail Shaheed-Sara Amma Safura Amma Durgah

This durgah is located outside the Kaattupalli dargah campus. This is located parallel to the southern entrance of kattuppalli and to the east of Main Durgah. The graves of the family members of Sulthan Syed Ibrahim shaheed and all his descendants, who ruled the Erwadi province are found here. Hazrat Shaheed badusha’s brother Hazrat Badusha Syed Ismail Shaheed’s grave is found here, along with the graves of Hazrat Badhusha Syed Is’haq, Badusha Syed Ibrahim Shaheed, Badusha Syed Baaqir Shaheed, Badusha Syed Qasim Shaheed and Badhushah Syed Tahir Shheed Ridwanullahi Ta’ala alaihim. Also the graves of waliyatullas Seyyida Sara Amma, Seyyida Safura Amma and Seyyida Zainab Amma are also found in this Dargah. For this reason, this dargah is called as Sara Amma Safura Amma Palli. People who long for children come to this dargah, and with a niyyah, they tie a cradle tearing the corner of the saree and are supposed to come fruitful with a child within a year or two.

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