Sunday, March 25, 2018

Veerar Abdullah Shahid

Hazrat Abdullah Shaheed radiyallah Ta’ala anhu is believed to be from Makkah Al Mukarramah and was a wonderful fighter in the troop of Shaheed badusha. He served under Shahid badusha through the course of the war till its end. veerar Abdulla Shahid was the one, who entered the throne of King Vickrama Pandiyan during the final phase of war and dismounted the pandiya’s flag with a fish symbol and hoisted the Muslims’ flag declaring to the worldd the defeat of pandiyas in the war. So, Abdullah Shaheed is called as Vetrik kodi nattiya veerar Abdullah Shaheed. This act of capturing the throne is the utmost important deed during the course of the war. Since capturing the other’s throne is considered as the real victory over the rivals during the war rituals those days. This was posible only by the Braveness and Smart war techniques of Hazrat Shaji Abdullah Shaheed Radiyallah ta’la anhu. The dargah of veerar Abdullah Shaheed is located at the centre of the kattupalli and is managed by the Mujavirs.

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