Sunday, March 25, 2018

Zulfiqar Ali @ Chanthanapeer Shaheedh

Hazrat Zulfiqar Ali was a minister in the then Islamic Government of Istanbul while Hazrat Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Radiyallah, the emperor of madinah wrote to the Ruler of Turkey, regarding the travel to Hindustan obliging the order from grandfatheral ancestor Prophet Muhammad to spread Islam there. Though the Turkish ruler was not able to join Shaheed Badusha, he sent a troop headed by Hazrat Zulfiqar Ali Raziyallah Ta’ala anhu and they travelled to Madinah and joined the troops of Shaheed badusha. In the bouthiramanickapattinam war against the pandiyans, Hazrat Zulfiqaar Ali as the very name reflects fought very bravely and finally was killed by the pandiyas.

Reason for the name sandanapeer

Though the actual name being Zulfiqar Ali, he was very well known by the name Santhanapeer Shahid waliyullah. Hazrat Zulfiqar Ali belonged to turkey, which is a very cold country. He couldn’t bear the heat of South India, and to overcome this, Hazrat Zulfiqar Shaheed used to apply sandalwood paste in his entire body for chillness. Daily morning he used to apply and for this reason he was called by the local Tamil people at that time as Sandanapeer which means The saint of Sandal. Till today, Hazrat Zulfaqar Shaheed radiyallah Ta’ala anhu is called by the name Santhanapeer Shaheed waliyullah and even the dargah where hazrat’s grave is found, in the kattupalli, is named as Chandanapeer Shahid waliyullah dargah.

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