Sunday, March 25, 2018

Beginning of Moulid Shariff – Dhul Qadah 1

This event marks the beginning of the Urus festival in Erwadi. On the 1st Night of the Islamic Month of Dhu al-Qi’dah the Moulid Shariff majlis is started. Hundreds of Levvais (Huqdars) and devotees gather at the Hall of Main Shrine of Erwadi Durgah after Maghrib (Prayer). The majlis starts with Dua followed by Subhana Moulidh, Shaheed Badusha Manaaqib Moulidh and ends with Du’a. Half an hour break is given for Isha’a Prayer in between the Moulid Shariff which lasts till 11.00PM. On Thursdays, The Moulidh Shariff begins after Isha’a Prayers. This Moulidh Shariff is held continuosly for 23 days.

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