Sunday, March 25, 2018

Dismounting of The Holy Flag (Kodi Irakkam) – Dhul Qadah 30

This is the final event which marks the end of a month long Santhanakoodu festival in Erwadidurgah. Every year on the 30th Morning of Islamic month of Dhu al-Qi’dah thousands of people gather at the hall of main Dargah after fajr prayer for the recitation of Holy Quran. Qur’an is completely recited more than 7 times and Tabarruk is distributed after the dhuaa with the waseela of Badhusha Nayagam (Holy King). The same day evening, after Asar Qasidas and Byts are recited followed by the grand final Dhuaa and the Holy Flag is dismounted with the Sky blowing slogan of YAA SHAHEED!!! MURAD HAASIL!!!. The holy flag is presented unto the Sacred Rouza of Hazrat Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed and a Dhuaa is recited. The lower trunk and other components of the Holy flag are displaced before maghrib. Around 15 lakh people from all over India and other countries like Srilanka, U.K., Saudi Arabia,U.A.E. and Kuwait take part. The crowd which gathers here for this ceremony is the highest than any other festival in Ramanathapuram District. After maghrib, the traditional Thabarruk of ‘NEI SORU’ (Ghee Rice) is distributed to all the 15 lakh pilgrims who witnessed the Santhanakoodu Urus festivals of Erwadi Dargah. The arrangements for the entire festival is made and sponsored by the Dargah Huqdhar Management Committee (D.H.M.C.). Thus the one month long Urus Festival of Ervadi Durgah Shariff comes to an end.

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