Sunday, March 25, 2018

Installation of Lower trunk (Adi Maram) – Dhul Qada 9

This event marks the beginning of Flag hoisting ceremony of Ervadi dargah. This event is held every year on the 9th Evening of the islamic month of Dhul Qaidah. After the Fajr prayers, Thousands of people gather in the Durgah campus and Qura’an is recited. Entire Qura’an is recited for 4 or 5 times depending upon the gathered crowd. Followed by Moulid Shariff and Du’a with the Waseelah of Qutbul Aqtab Syedus Saadath Hazrat Qutb Syed Abootahir Madhani Shaheed Raziyallah Ta’ala anhu. The Erwadi dargah’s victory flag is being hoisted at an height of 250 feet consisting of a lower trunk, an upper trunk and the Boat shaped metal holding. A white woodden holder is placed at the upper edge of the Lower trunk and is tied with 6 ropes to hold upon and its base is placed in the midst of the Flag hoisting throne (Kodi medai). A few lakhs of people who gather to witness the ceremony pull the ropes and the Trunk rises slowly. Finally when it reaches the vertical position ropes are tied to make the trunk strong hold. This holding the Holy rope is called as Imaadhul Muraad, and people who holds this Holy rope with a wish seeking the help of Shaheedh Badushaha Nayagam, will see it answered in a very short period within the year.

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