Sunday, March 25, 2018

Santhanakoodu – Dhul Qada 23

This procession is conducted just to mark the beginning of the Main santhanakoodu festival. Procession starts from Ervadi Kudi iruppu, the residential area of Mujavirs (Huqdars called as Levvais) and reaches the Dargah shariff campus before maghrib prayers. The shadhili tariqa zikr halqa majlis (Hazra) is held in the Mosque at the durgah campus. A few millions of people start gathering at Erwadi and get scattered at kattupalli and other areas of Ervadi durga. District administration announces local Holiday on this day and the State government along with TNSTC runs thousands of special buses to Erwadi from various locations of Tamilnadu. Hundreds of stalls are being put by the Government and by the private vendors. Many food stalls and Child Entertainment games are being run in this season.

Sandal Smearing on the Holy Grave – Dhul Qadah 23

This is the peak celebration and the sole purpose of the one month long Santhanakoodu festival in Ervadi Durgah. This day marks the martyrdom of Hazrat Qutbul hamid Gausul Majid Badusha Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Raziyallah Taala anhu. The 23rd day moulid shariff (Last Moulid for the year) starts exactly at 12.00AM on the 23rd night of Dhu al-Qi’dah and ends at 3:00AM with a grand Dhuaa begging Shaheed badusha’s mercy. Sandal paste are taken in 3 Pots from Ervadi and brought in the very grand procession. It reaches Durgah around 5:00AM and the sandal pot is taken to the maqbara, the grave (Mazaar) of Hazrat Shaheed Badusha. The procession goes round the Dargah thrice. A grand Dhuaa is recited inside the Maqaam of Hazrat shaheed badusha. The sandal is smeared in the rauza mubarak of Shaheed and different carpets with Valuable Silk, Diamond and other floral carpets are presented. The sandal paste is anointed on the Rauza of Hazrat Qutb Syed Abootahir Shaheed and the rouza of Seyyida Fathima Al Barqa radiyallah Ta’ala anha (Shahid badusha’a mother). Only selected Levvais (Mujavirs – Huqdars) and a few VIPs are permitted inside the Maqbara during the ceremony. More than 1000 policemen and Policewomen are deployed for security. The ceremony ends with the fajr prayer and the sandal is distributed to all who gather in the Dargah campus.

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